Faiza Sadaqat

Faiza Sadaqat, Masters in Sociology from the University of the Punjab, is a passionate researcher who made significant contributions in the area of Socio-Cultural Impacts of Cable TV Network on the younger generations. Her interests in learning and exploring new fields took her on the journey of eight years of teaching, where she worked as a Coordinator in Beaconhouse School System and was a lecturer in Pride Public College for Girls. During her teaching experience she received many awards, certificates and letters of appreciation for Managing and Organizing different educational and entertainment events.
She has had a great interest in Arts and does wonders in the world of painting. Her urge to be different and to serve humanity pulled her towards Verita and it changed her entirely from head to toe. She dedicated her life fully to the upliftment of the lives of the deprived people and started spreading awareness by facilitating various learning events at Verita. Moreover, her passion for coaching and natural flair of developing instant rapport with women lead her to facilitate several natural births.