Our Team

Roshina Amin

Roshina Amin is Masters in Islamiyat from Punjab University and is a renowned writer of two Urdu books on social issues in Pakistan; Shaur-e-Zindagi and Hum Kaun Hain. Daughter of a passionate teacher, Prof. Sadiq Amin Khan and grand-daughter of Dr. Niaz Ahmed (the first D.Sc in Pakistan and Founding Chairman of Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Punjab, and Science and Technology Advisor to Qualid-e-Azam Muhmmad Ali Jinnah and President Ayub Khan, she is exceptionally dedicated and compassionate person and has devoted her life in teaching the disadvantaged class of the society. Her incomparable ability to empower and motivate the unprivileged class has allowed her to do a hefty amount of voluntary work in her life. Moreover, she has been a teacher in schools such as American National School, Abacus School System and Salamat School System. Roshina is a co-founder of Verita – The Art of Holistic Living, with Faiez Hassan Seyal and is called Verita’s Mother.


Dr. Arsalan Shahid

Dr. Arsalan Shahid is an M.B.B.S. Graduate of Wah Medical College (University of Health Sciences), currently specializing in Orthopaedic Surgery (FCPS-Ortho). He has a Diploma in Hijamah Cupping Therapy. He always had special interests in critical care management and emergency trauma care. He has worked in multiple tertiary care hospitals as a House Officer and a Resident, namely P. O. F. Hospital Wah Cantt, Fauji Foundation Hospital Rawalpindi, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (P.I.M.S.) Islamabad hospital, and latest working in Ittefaq Hospital, Lahore as a Registrar in Orthopaedic Surgery. His passion is to integrate all forms of healing, natural, ancient and new, into one holistic approach, The “Holistic Healthcare”. He has been working with Verita as the Head of the Holistic Health Area, facilitating healing in patients, supervising natural birthing experience, conducting workshops on different forms that health and therapy take; performing one-on-one counseling sessions for patients of all sorts of diseases; and offering Hijamah therapy for countless individuals.


Haris Seyal

Haris graduated from LUMS with a degree of BSc. Honors in Social Sciences in 2010 and henceforth, set to make rifts in the world of research by becoming one of Pakistan’s lead health researchers of current times. He drafted and published close to 30 articles in renowned newspapers such as The Express Tribune, DAWN and The Nation before choosing to work as a solopreneur to further his research without the limits of social and public media.

With a profound interest in the subjects of Sociology, Psychology, Nutrition, and Religion, Haris has written countless articles binding the latest scientific researches of the fields with knowledge provided to us by religious scriptures well before and is currently working on his second book which he will co-author with his father. Like Faiez, Haris is also known as a man with beliefs years ahead of his time, and his magnificent pieces of writing are the testimony to this statement.

Amongst the issues that he has highlighted, some like insomnia, unnatural pregnancies, aggression, anxiety, marriage and relationships, multi-tasking, widowhood, attraction amongst opposite genders, current social issues and more, have sparked debate and controversy in the literary elite but Haris continues to write passionately and research diligently on topics which intrigue and excite him. He has also contributed substantially to Verita’s research material and facilitated team members in exploring the vast arena of solutions which lie in knowledge of the body, the soul and the world. Haris is currently in the process of co-authoring a few books with his father, Faiez Hassan Seyal.


Hanna Seyal

Hanna Seyal completed her B.Sc Honors in Social Sciences from the Lahore University of Management and Sciences, majoring in Anthropology and minor in Psychology. The exposure she received to the various contexts in which human existence can be understood and appreciated, has allowed her to pursue an undeniable passion as a Youth Counselor and trainer in the core areas of Child and Parenting, as well as Pre and Post-Marital life. Over the past 7 years as a facilitator of different training programs, Hanna has counseled over 100 individuals with issues ranging from shattered self-esteem to overburdening peer pressure. She is also currently in the process of writing her first book for unmarried women and is managing the ‘Health and Wellness’ department at the Institute, where she is eager to changing lives of countless individuals for the better. She is currently conducting rigorous research over several topics of holistic health and formulating new training programs based on her experience and learnings regarding the complexities of emotional and mental health


Faiza Sadaqat

Faiza Sadaqat, Masters in Sociology from the University of the Punjab, is a passionate researcher who made significant contributions in the area of Socio-Cultural Impacts of Cable TV Network on the younger generations. Her interests in learning and exploring new fields took her on the journey of eight years of teaching, where she worked as a Coordinator in Beaconhouse School System and was a lecturer in Pride Public College for Girls. During her teaching experience, she received many awards, certificates, and letters of appreciation for Managing and Organizing different educational and entertainment events. She has had a great interest in Arts and does wonder in the world of painting. Her urge to be different and to serve humanity pulled her towards Verita and it changed her entirely from head to toe. She dedicated her life fully to the upliftment of the lives of the deprived people and started spreading awareness by facilitating various learning events at Verita. Moreover, her passion for coaching and natural flair of developing instant rapport with women lead her to facilitate several natural births.


Ubaidullah Shahzad

 An engineer by education, operations consultant by profession and a teacher/trainer in applied sciences. He has worked in multinational companies for 12 years. Later on, when he felt that something is missing in his life, he left his career and started pursuing his passion. It was a big shift in his life when he decided to do something significant and making a difference. His work as an operations consultant made major improvements in the supply chain.

He took inspiration from his teacher Mr. Faiez Hassan Seyal and has learned many life lessons. His quest for meaning in life, helped him to develop his interest in “life and people”. So, at first, he sharpened his interest in ABL (Activity Based Learning) model, to teach our youth in a unique and effective way. He established healthy connections between applied sciences and learning models. He currently heads Verita-SOUL, Life Skills School.


Nauman Shahid

A mature soul in a young man, Nauman Shahid has crossed several rites of passage in his quarter of a century life. After completing his education in Mass Communication and Psychology, Nauman set to conquer the world with his intense desire to stand out in a place where men his age would still be living on the pockets of their parents. This desire translated into the profession of teaching students of O-levels to undergraduates from all over the world in areas of technical expertise, which Nauman had mastered at a young age. He also volunteered at various NGOs working to help victims of natural disasters in primitive corners of Pakistan. Along with this journey, he stumbled across an institute, Verita, as a student of truth to further his mission of bettering the lives of those around him.
In this new phase of life, Nauman transformed entirely after facing numerous tests and trials, few would accept with the dedication and passion he had. Soon enough, Nauman became a part of the Verita Team where he is now been working since the past 5 years, facilitating various events of youngsters, and managing the Verita-TEAS initiative, as well. In this quest of change, Nauman found a life partner with the same mission as his and they are happily married, since then.