Welcome To Verità

A Life Designing Institute

Verità, in Italian language means “truth”. From its humble background in 1993 as a personal coaching practice, Verità – Life Designing Institute (Verità) (www.verita.org) is now recognized as the country’s foremost institute of positive living. Since its inception, Verità has been providing the finest resources for the education and development of people at all levels of society, in four areas of personal development:

We are fortunate that our work has influenced positive change in the lives of millions of people and hundreds of organizations across the globe. In a typical year, we conduct over one hundred 2-hours to 6-days long learning events in which thousands of people (teenagers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, housewives, professionals, teachers, policy makers, etc.) from all over Pakistan as well as several countries¬†participate. With the support of its parent organization Ace Consulting Group (www.changeace.com) established in 1995, Verit√† is committed to enhancing the quality of life at home, work and in the society by teaching the “art of living” to the people, worldwide.