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Verita's New Life Skills School - SOUL

We are proud to launch Verita Life Skills School - SOUL by the hard work of our team with the help of God, Alhumdulillah. Don't miss this opportunity and let your child have a great and wonderful experience
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Welcome to Verita

Verita, in Italian language means ‘truth’. From its humble background in 1993 as a personal coaching practice, Verita – Life Designing Institute is now recognized as the country’s foremost institute of positive living. Since its inception, Verita has been providing the finest resources for the education and development of people at all levels of society, in four areas of personal development:

We are fortunate that our work has influenced positive change in the lives of millions of people and hundreds of organizations across the globe. In a typical year, we conduct over one hundred 2-hours to 6-days long learning events in which thousands of people (teenagers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, housewives, professionals, teachers, policy makers, etc.) from all over Pakistan as well as several countries participate. With the support of its parent organization Ace Consulting Group established in 1995, Verita is committed to enhancing the quality of life at home, work and in the society by teaching the “art of living” to the people, worldwide.

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Workshops Categories

Hope Shops

Verita ‘hope-shops’ are highly interactive group awareness and counselling sessions launched to facilitate the people who otherwise cannot participate in 20-hour long weekend ‘life-shops’. The ‘hope-shops’ are an extremely effective form of learning since […]

Life Shops

Years and years of research and study have proven that in order to sustain any change, an optimal supporting environment is absolutely vital. Being specialists in change for nearly two decades; and fortunate enough […]

Will Shops

Our training workshops are now called will-shops and are meant to intrinsically deal with various issues of our clients. The participation in these will-shops provides an enriching life experience as one learns step-by-step techniques […]

Movie Shops

The movie shops particularly cater to two problems that our people face:
1. The intimidating influence of the media on our lives which has defined several unpleasant occurrences in past few years and the […]

Family Shops

Going beyond the obvious and penetrating into the world of the hidden realities around us, Verita sheds light on eye-opening facts of today’s world which are depicted through mind-boggling documentaries. These short videos based […]

Skill Shops

In today’s fast paced world, the old but gold skills of our elders are virtually forgotten, but Verita realizes the significance and beauty of the olden times and hence, introduces this new program particularly […]

Co Shops

Research shows that the rate of psychological disturbances leading to aggression, physical and verbal abuse, suicide, homicide, marital breakdown, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. is increasing at an alarming rate. It seems that as the […]

Fun Shops

The age of adolescence is the most critical time where beliefs are being formed and destinies are being shaped. Today, in a world where our minds have become the slaves to the internet, the […]