About Verità-Art of Living Institute (Verità-ALI)

Verità in the Italian language means ‘truth’ and perfectly encapsulates the true essence of what our organization stands for. From its humble beginning in 1993 as a personal coaching practice of its founder, Faiez Hassan Seyal, Verità-Art of Living Institute (ALI) is now recognized as the country’s foremost institute, teaching the art of living. We are fortunate that our work has influenced positive change in the lives of millions of people and thousands of organizations across the globe. Since its inception, Verità is providing the finest KSA (knowledge, skills, and abilities) programs for a complete life transformation integrating three core areas, i.e.:

Complementing the art of living education, Verità also offers a complete service and product portfolio, assisting people in life transformation:

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Verità-Riches, Independence and Success Element (Verità-RISE)

Catering to the innate need of achievement and success in several realms of life, from the personal to the professional spectrum, this specific category aims to offer opportunities of learning to all those eager to excel in their careers and private lives. From self-development to progress in organizational management and entrepreneurial expansion, we provide workshops on several topics and guarantee unprecedented growth and success in your area of concern.

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Verità-Family, Affection and Tranquility Element (Verità-FATE)

Understanding the dire need of the society to better comprehend the significance attached to the sacred institution of marriage, we have devoted a separate category of workshops particularly accommodating the queries and concerns that are presented by both: those in the hopes of leaping into a promising, long-lasting marital bond as well as those couples which have embarked on the journey without the proper tools and training and now are dedicating their time and efforts into making amends.

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Verità-Holistic Health Solutions (Verità-HEAL)

Verita-HEAL is an initiative under the parent of Verita-Art of Living Institute which aims to enhancing the quality of health on a personal and professional level. Verita-HEAL introduces a nuanced perspective of health and wellness into the health society for cures and solutions which are natural and permanent. The concept of holistic health provides a holistic treatment to and understanding of health by combining mind, body, heart and soul in its quest of dealing with all sorts of diseases. This approach amalgamates teachings of science, religion, psychology, psychiatry and spirituality into one complete model which deals with every unturned stone left to rid the faintest hint of input which could build or exasperate disease in an individual.

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Verità-School of Organic & Universal Learning (Verità-SOUL)

We are proud to launch Verità-SOUL by the hard work of our team with the help of God, Alhumdulillah. Don’t miss this opportunity and let your child have a great and wonderful experience.

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Verità-Tayyab Eatery & Apparel Store (Verità-TEAS)

As part of Verita’s constant struggle towards achieving a higher form of tayyab, pure and natural lifestyle, Verita has launched its most recent initiative as the perfect platform for all organic eateries and apparel. Upon several requests from members of Verita Family and the wider circle of Verita participants who have been educated and informed about the dire need for a tayyab lifestyle in order to improve their health and lives in general, Verita has introduced Verita-TEAS as their long awaited answer.

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Verità-Art of Living Books (Verità-READ)

Since 1996, Verità has introduced a variety of self-help books into the market for the common man to benefit from profoundly in his everyday life. From issues pertaining to career and success, to matters of marital and social relationships, Verità books have covered all realms to allow the readers to climb up the ladder in their professional and personal spheres.

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